Project Description

Humans, animals and plants were not created by God, but are the result of evolution: 150 years ago Charles Darwin published this revolutionary theory. My work "Evolution" describes some of the stages in the development of the earth. It all began with a gigantic bang. Somewhere in our galaxy, a star exploded and hurled huge quantities of gas and dust into space. This supernova, as this kind of explosion is called, happened about five billion years ago. The resulting debris hurtled into a nearby gas cloud. This brought together the components that would one day form our solar system.
The early Earth was very different from the planet we inhabit today. It was mostly liquid and there may have been an ocean of -liquid magma on the surface. Gradually it cooled, the atmosphere, oceans, continents formed: The basis for life!
In the Middle Ages, dinosaurs inhabited our earth. But oh dear: a meteor about 10 km in size is approaching and hits the earth! A new area begins.
We are in the jungle. Monkeys and other animals populate the earth. During a cooling phase, part of the tropical forests there gradually disappeared and were replaced by an open savannah landscape. The apes had to adapt to the new way of life. This led to changes in the skeleton, for example, because they could no longer shimmy from one tree to the next, but had to cover longer and longer distances on the ground. Thus, over time, they learned to walk on two legs, to walk upright. Man was born!
The greater humanity became, the more often there was also war and destruction. And what will the future bring us?